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join_nowPopular EduCommunity at www.epopular.com.sg is a one-stop portal on education for parents, educators and lifelong learners. On this site, you can access education advice and information, look for educational products and services such as schools and tuition centres, get great deals and offers from our preferred partners and much more. The website is developed by Popular Digital Media Group (DMG), a subsidiary of Popular Holdings Limited.

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Popular Holdings Limited is a leading regional media company with an integrated business model built on content creation, publishing, retail and distribution. A familiar brand name, "POPULAR" has evolved from its early days in 1924 as a distributor of Chinese story books and pictures to become the education market leader in Singapore with subsidiaries in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Listed in 1997 the POPULAR Group has become the first public-listed company in South-east Asia that has an integrated education industry. Since then, POPULAR has seen rapid expansion in both local and overseas markets. Today, POPULAR operates a total of 117 retail outlets with a combined POPULAR membership of 1,000,000. Its 14 publishing houses publish textbooks, assessment books, childrens' books and general-interest books. Its e-learning business is poised to grow exponentially to serve as a technology and digital content development arm supporting POPULAR's textbook publishing business.


Term 3 Week 9 EduTip

Use the 4Rs technique to remember facts and figures – read the information or fact, rewrite or summarise, commit it to memory, and then try to recall it by reciting it out loud or writing it out. For more revision tips, click here.