Have you ever dreamt that you were the Great General in Ancient Wars? Are you so passionate about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms that at times, you wished you were one of the cool characters like Zhao Yun?

Well, now you can live your dream - with the Popular EduCommunity @!

Participate in the EduCommunity’s CosPlay Contest and get dressed up as Liu Bei, Cao Cao or Zhou Yu! Come as a “Dynasty Warrior’s” Zhu Ge Liang or a “Generals Order’s” Ma Chao,. Either way, you are sure to have great fun!

So, submit your entries via a Digital Video (DV) or jpeg image today and stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Don’t hesitate, dive right into the world of the Three Kingdoms Now!!

Closing date is now extended to 1 July 2010 - get together with your friends and send in your entries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it now!

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Here we look at two characters featured in the 3 Kingdoms Series :

altAmong all the generals in the Wu faction, no one is more recognized for his fighting ability and battle capabilities than Taishi Ci.

Taishi Ci served under many warlords during his time. Famous warlords he served under include Kong Rong and Sun Ce.  One of the famous incidents that really put Taishi Ci in the limelight was when he fought with Sun Ce. That fight impresses Sun Ce so deeply that when Taishi Ci was held captive under Sun Ce, he conscripted Taishi Ci as a high ranking general intead of killing him. The background story that led to this fateful confrontation was that after Taishi Ci broke up with the warlord Liu Yao, he established and grew his own territory. After countless victories, Taishi Ci grew to be a force to be reckoned with. This did not go unnoticed by Sun Ce.  They finally clashed when Taishi Ci declared war on Sun Ce. They fought for countless rounds to a stalemate. This epic battle provided the platform for Taishi Ci to achieve his destiny of being a great general of Wu.

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altZhang Chan Hua was the wife of the infamous Wei Military Advisor, Sima Yi. Though nothing much was recorded about her, she was in every sense the woman behind a successful man.

As a wife, she was known to always support Sima Yi’s decisions, standing by him when even the whole world turned on him.  One famous incident that illustrates her devotion to her husband was when she killed her maid, to protect her husband.  The background story that led to this incident was when Cao Cao, than the ruler of Wei wanted to summon Sima Yi to court. Sima Yi, having his own agenda, did not want to attend court so he told Cao Cao that he was under the weather.  However, a maid of the Sima household had witness an up and running Sima Yi. Zhang Chun Hua, knowing this, decided to silent this maid, with fear that she may tell on her husband.

Sadly, this incident became the only incident recorded in history, depriving future generations from knowing more about this loving, intriguing, and at times enigmatic woman from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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