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This compilation of useful websites provides a wide selection of ideas, advice and guidelines on educational matters from parents and educators all over the world.
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1   Link   familyeducation.com
A site with parenting advice, activities for children, family games and recipes
2   Link   Brain Revolution
A site that shows how to empower a child to learn and enjoy the process of learning. Includes news and articles, programmes and workshops for parents and teachers.
3   Link   A to Z Teacher Stuff
A teacher-created site designed to help teachers find online resources more quickly and easily - lesson plans, thematic units, teacher tips, discussion forums for teachers, downloadable teaching materials & eBooks and printable worksheets.
4   Link   A to Z Home's Cool Homeschool
This site helps parents homeschool their kids from preschool, kindergarten, through homeschooling high school with free online education, home-friendly, lesson ideas, educational websites, helpful articles, top homeschool programs, books and materials.
5   Link   ABC Home Preschool
This site offers separate Preschool curricula for children aged 2 years old, 3 years old and 4 through 6 years old.
6   Link   About Working Moms
Work-Life balance secrets, parenting advice and community for working moms.
7   Link   Apples 4 TheTeacher
A fun educational website for teachers and kids. Site includes interactive learning games, quizzes, and worksheet generator tools by subject, articles, and more.
8   Link   Buzzle.Com
Interesting and thought-provoking content for enjoyment. Complete source for news, articles and information.
9   Link   Colorin Colorado
The leading website for teachers and parents of English Language Learners. Lots of articles, resources and ideas can be found here.
10   Link   EdArticle.com
A collection of education articles.
11   Link   Education Altas
A good collection of education sites on the Web.
12   Link   Education Bug
A complete listing of educational resources.
13   Link   Education World
A place with original content for educators, including lesson plans, practical information for educators, information on how to integrate technology in the classroom and articles written by education experts.
14   Link   Education.com
Provides parents of school-aged children with free access to information and resources to give them answers they need.
15   Link   Essortment
Free online articles on health, science and education
16   Link   Family Education
Parenting advice, activities for children, family games and recipes.
17   Link   Internet Special Education Resources
A directory of profeesionals, organizations, and schools that serve the learning disabilities and special education communities. Help parents to find special education professionals for learning disabilities and attention deficit assessment, therapy, advocacy, critical teen issues and other special needs.
18   Link   Jeanne Luedke's Parent Education Website
Educate parents about how to educate your child.
19   Link   Kaboose
Families, parents, and children: articles, quizzes, slideshows, and tools for parents.
20   Link   Kidsource Online
In-depth & timely education & healthcare information that will make a difference in the lives of parents & children.
21   Link   Math And Reading Help
A comprehensive directory site including hundreds of original articles and resources dealing with children's education.
22   Link   Math.Com
Provides revolutionary ways for students, parents, teachers, and everyone to learn math. Includes assessment, on-demand modular courses, 24/7 online live tutoring, and expert answers to math questions.
23   Link   Parenting Ideas
Blog on Parenting ideas practical tips
24   Link   School Bag
The latest education news, info for parents, and features from schools and teachers.
25   Link   Story Soup Kids
Specialize in kid's stories, such as read a book, read a poem, or write a story. There are plenty of craft projects to help to create wonderful things. Last of all, Parents Section has plenty of advice and tips for busy parents.
26   Link   Teachers Network
Lesson plans for teachers.
27   Link   Teacher's Tips
To provide sources for educational development in the classroom, provide educators innovative ideas for the use of internet in the classroom, provide educators with resources in the areas of Science and History, provide educators with activities and lessons that can be implemented into the classroom and provide information on the instruction of Gifted And Talented Children.
28   Link   Wawa In Kids World
A magazine that teaches, guides and motivates children to achieve success through reading. Parent's and teacher's resources are available.
29   Link   Writing A-Z
Most complete collection of writing resources everywhere.
30   Link   Your Childs Education . Com
This site was completely built by licensed, experienced and dedicated teachers to help parents with their children's education. A collection of resources can be found in the site.
31   Link   Learning Champ
LearningChamp is a parenting portal that provides information, tips, ideas and resources to help children to develop the important skills, knowledge and mind set for a brighter future.
32   Link   Education Articles
Provides Education Articles to raise your abilities.
33   Link   U.S. Department Of Education
Combined offices from several federal agencies. Is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.
34   Link   Reading Rockets
Offers a wealth of reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better. Includes readign resources to assist parents, teachers, and other educators.
35   Link   Scholastic
Helping children around the world to read and learn
36   Link   Reading A-Z
Reading resource center
37   Link   Children Reading Tips
A quick help guide to teaching your child how to read.
38   Link   Reading Is Fundamental
Prepares and motivates children to read by delivering free books and literacy resources to those children and families who need them most. For parents, educators, coordinators and kids.
39   Link   Eduguide
A growing network of parents, teens and educators working together from cradle through college to give each and every student a personalized roadmap to success.
40   Link   Teachers And Families
For preschool, young students and parents.
41   Link   PBS
A media enterprise and a leading provider of digital learning content for educators, parents and teachers' most trusted learning environments for children.
42   Link   Educational Gateway
An excellent resource for parents who are interested in providing the best possible educational opportunities for their children. Offer informational articles with tips and advice on a range of topics that may concern you.
43   Link   Alvin & Kah Hong's Web
To share information, tips and ideas, tools and resources to help parents to help their children achieve their greatest potential. Most of the information is from their personal experience and tools that they used for their own child.
44   Link   Child-Central.Com
Dedicated to child development and learning. Include children mind developments, emotional developments, behavioral developments, health and nutrition, language developments, social developments, development of children with autism, Special needs and more.
45   Link   Connect With Kids
Freshest information from experts at universities, research organizations, hospitals, child advocacy groups and parents and kids themselves. Parenting tips and insights into parenting skill. New access to curricula that can help teach and mold adolescents and teenagers.
46   Link   How Kids Develop
Information regarding child development, helpful tips for enhancing child's development, information on how to support the development of children, resources for child development.
47   Link   Kiasu Parents
It is a one-stop portal for parents to network as a group, and work together so that the kids can benefit from the collective wisdom. Including forums, reviews and articles.
48   Link   Lifeskills 4 Kids.Com
Make life skills & character education unforgettable.
49   Link   Parenting Teens
Articles organised by topic: Teen health, education, troubled teens, teen drug abuse, tips for parenting teens, and other teen issues.
50   Link   Singapore Learning
Educational website with premium material according to MOE syllabus.
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