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More ways with MILK

milkMilk is good for lots more than drinking and cooking! From first aid tips to household applications, here are some ideas, including money-saving ones, on what you can do with this calcium-and-protein-rich food.

1.       When you need to thaw fish, put in a plate of milk. This improves the flavour and texture so that it tastes just as good as fresh caught fish. Do remember to thaw fish in the fridge, not on the open counter.

2.       Dip half a lemon in a little milk and use to cleanse stained fingers the lemon clears the stain and the milk soothes the skin.

3.       Make your own silver polish with sour milk! Add a drop of lemon juice, or vinegar to the milk to curdle it. Soak the silverware in the milk for around thirty minutes, then wash in mild soap and rinse well. Your silver will sparkle.

4.       Dab milk onto mild sunburn and it will cool the skin and prevent any further damage.

5.       Mix a little powdered milk into a paste with water and a small pinch of salt. Use this paste to relief insect bites.

6.       Dry skin can be repaired by rubbing with a little cold milk. Allow the skin to absorb what it needs and wash the rest away. Do this two or three times a day until the problem is solved.

7.       Make a luxurious foamy bath by adding a cup of powdered milk as the bath is filling. This method of softening and beautifying the body was used by the ancient Greeks and Roman and is used today in Japan.

8.       A paste of fine oatmeal and milk will remove stains and dirt from hands. This is an excellent way to pamper hands after working in the garden.

9.       Liquid milk cleans patent leather shoes to a gleaming shine. Simple rub them with a little milk on a soft cloth. Leave to dry and then buff them up.

10.   Remove ink stains on clothing by soaking the area in milk. This may take from half an hour to overnight – be patient.

Do you have more 'milky' ideas? Do share with us.