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5 ways to help your child STEP UP

confidenceWhen your child fails in kindergarten or does not like going to school, chances are, that he does not feel competent in performing his school work. A child, who loses confidence in himself, believes that there are countless things he cannot do. It is up for you, parents, to help boost his morale and help him develop self confidence. Once, he starts trusting in his own capability, he will excel in kindergarten and love going to school.

Here are five ways to build your child’s confidence.

1. Love your child for who he is. Children are sensitive to the way their parents treat them. They sense right away if a sibling is the favorite. For example, a child may feel that her eldest sister is their mother's favourite because she is proud of her beauty. If the mother seems to show through her actions that she does favour her eldest daughter, the other siblings would feel inferior and inadequate. Make no comparison between your children. Remember that each child is unique. Accept your child for the way he is and he will develop self-confidence.

2. Allow your child to be independent. Give her the opportunity to do things for herself, not only the easy tasks, but also the difficult ones. Even if you feel worried that she may encounter problems, give her this chance to give it a try. However, if she asks for your help, be there for her. Let her stumble, but be around to lift her up. She will develop skills and patience to do difficult things and gain confidence in being able to do them.

3. Impose discipline fairly. When a child breaks a rule, refrain from physical punishment, which can create more problems. A child, who is always a subject of corporeal punishment, may use physical force to solve a problem. His obedience must not be due to fear but rather the belief in doing what is right. Say no to the action, not to the child.

4. Prescribe a rule for discipline; establish acceptable behavior and its consequences. The important thing is to be consistent. Do not harangue or say hurting and insulting words. Do not harp on the child’s past offences. Do not belittle a child’s capability. Be firm in enforcing discipline when it is called for, but be ready to forgive as well.  Giving the child a second chance will also help her recover her self-confidence.

5. Love is the antidote to all woes in this world; love your child and be delighted in him. Express acceptance and pride in his achievements. Accept his fears and laugh together. Shower him with your loving kisses and warm hugs. Love and affection will go a long way in bringing up a physically and emotionally healthy child who will do well in kindergarten and in life.

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