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Your child is exam-ready – are YOU?
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Your child is exam-ready – are YOU?
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examready_2So you’ve been making sure that your child hits the books regularly, eats right and gets enough sleep.  Is that enough? We share 10 tips gathered from educators and counselors on how YOU can do your bit as a parent during the exam period.

1. Their schedule, Your schedule

As early as possible, have a copy of your child’s exam schedule in your diary or planner and if necessary, check with the school if any details appear to be left out. Discuss as a family the daily arrangements before and during the exam period, especially if there are any changes to be made. This will let your child know that they are not alone - the whole family is involved and committed towards helping him or her prepare for the exams.

2. Eat Right (and we mean YOU too)
While it is important that your child eats right, don’t neglect your own nutrition either. It won’t do to fall sick and transmit the illness to your family, especially during this particular time!

3. Little things matter too
Extra hugs, cooking a favourite dish, a few minutes together just talking about your child’s feelings and experiences each day can help make your child feel more secure and loved during this stressful period. For that matter, don’t stop the TLC even after the exam period is over!