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Getting Ready for Primary One
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Check out these tips to help your child prepare for the new world of primary school.


Be a bookworm: read, Read, READ!

rain your child to read independently before he or she enters primary school. Reading ability is crucial to doing well in almost all academic subjects. Spend time reading together with your child.

Ask questions, discuss the stories and go over difficult words. Find books on subjects your child is interested in, frequent the library and keep a ready supply of reading material at home.

Early to bed, early to rise

With schools going single-session, students need to wake up very early. Get your child into the habit of sleeping early and waking up on time, and do so for a month or two before starting primary school. Regular study time is also important - your child needs to learn to sit, focus and concentrate for a period of time. This also helps him in the classroom.

Develop routines beforehand so that your child will have time to adjust and become comfortable with the new schedules more easily.


Learn to get along

Show your child examples of acceptable behaviour and what is not. These are essential skills to thrive in a classroom with 20 to 30 other kids. Does your child know how to take turns, share with others and greet people politely? Train your child in these crucial social and communication skills. If your child is the shy type, let the teacher know.

It's all in the mind

Prepare your child mentally too. Talk about what school will be like, what is going to happen, what to expect from school, and, last but not least, how much your child will enjoy it. With these tips, you are on your way to getting your child ready, as well as healthy, happy and well-prepared for primary school!

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