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Grow that vocabulary!
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Grow that vocabulary!
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vocabulary2Between birth and the age of 10, a child’s brain will absorb and remember more information that at any other time in his or her life. Hence, if you have a young child, this is the best time for you to help him or her  grow an internal ‘wordbank’ as preparation for future success. Here, we share 10 easy tips to help help you expand your child’s vocabulary though daily activities and habits – if you’re reading this, you’re probably practising quite a few already Cool

1. Talk to Your Child

Surrounding your child with words helps to child to recall and become familiar with common repeated sounds that he or she will later associated with people, objects, actions and feelings. So keep talking to your child from birth!

2. Pay attention when THEY speak
Get down to their eye-level (or bring them up to yours) when a child is talking to you. Saying out the words they have learnt builds confidence, so provide support and encouragement whenever your child attempts to strike up a conversation. If you are unable to give them your full attention, tell them you WILL get back to them (let’s say if you need to finish a phone call or a conversation with another adult) and this time, really listen. This also helps to teach them conversation etiquette.

3. Say ‘No’ to just ‘Yes’ and ‘No’

When engaging your child in conversation, respond with sentences and questions that will encourage more than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, which are swift ‘conversation killers’. For example, instead of asking a child if they would like to go to the zoo, ask them where they would like to visit and why. This encourage childrens to dig into their ‘wordbank’ for suitable words and gain practise in using them in various contexts